Press and customer reviews


APRIL 2018

" There are very few pieces of Hi-Fi equipment that I think look good and very few that I consider beautiful. The DRAM 8 easily slips into that last category. Pictures don’t do them justice, I can see why Ramsey and yourself are so proud of them, they look fabulous. Even my parents who have just arrived passed comment to that effect and they aren’t the type to notice what Hi-Fi equipment might be about the place. What has surprised me most is how good the bass is. As I mentioned in my last email, it isn’t something that that the XXXXXX’s are particularly good at, but it is only when one hears the clean, precise and accurate bass, such as the Dram 8 produces, that one realizes both what one has been missing, and how vital this is in achieving a more realistic recreation of the recording in one’s home: the music now becomes whole. I very much appreciate the naturalness of the bass, nothing exaggerated, everything expressive and accurate. The DRAM 8 impresses me most by how natural and relaxed it sounds while providing so much tonal and textural detail. One hears so much of the physical nature of the vocalist’s art on recordings through the DRAM 8, not simply the lip sounds from closely miked recordings, but the singers breathing, bringing the body of the artist more fully into one’s experience of the recorded performance, rendering the singer present in a more substantive way.  One could gush on about how much the DRAM 8 brings to my enjoyment of the music hand how), but suffice it to say that I am hearing much more of the performance, the music and both the composer and performer’s art as a result of having the DRAM 8 at the end of my system. What wonderful speakers... ."

God bless, Tim
Purchased: DRAM 8 model