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diamond tweeter upgrade


We are delighted to offer the Diamond tweeter upgrade to all Art Loudspeaker owners that are fitted with the Alnico or Crescendo tweeters.


The T29D001, “White Diamond” is a 26mm pure Diamond dome tweeter with a patented Neodymium based magnet system. This is the ultimate tweeter for clean, uncoloured and natural sound. Pure fidelity.

The Diamond material is extremely stiff, and makes it the natural first choice of dome materials. It works as a perfect piston all the way to 55 kHz. This very high break-up frequency of the dome keeps the distortion far away from the audible range for unprecedented sound.

A unique HEXADYM patented magnet system based on 6 radially magnetized NdFeB magnet blocks. Efficient ventilation and damping of every potentially resonant cavity behind the dome, surround and voice coil. Precisely mounted copper sleeve reduces non linear and modulation distortion. The fine cuts of the acrylic rear chamber help scatter the internal sound waves with a minimum of damping. Together with the non-resonant magnet system, this provides the high dynamic response of the tweeter.

A homogenous, linear surround manufactured by SEAS from SONOLEX, a lightweight fabric with high consistency and climatic stability.

A high temperature voice coil wound on a titanium former for lowering distortion. Flexible lead-out wires which ensure a good connection between voice coil and terminals. This arrangement also helps to prevent lead breakage due to the large excursions encountered when low crossover frequencies are used.

Corian front plate with small horn loading for smooth frequency response, maximum stability and smooth appearance.

ART Stainless steel mounting plate allows universal fitting to all ART Loudspeakers fitted with Alnico or Crescendo Tweeters

In our 30 odd years in this industry the Diamond tweeter is quite simply the biggest upgrade we have ever heard, quite simply a remarkable achievement.

With the Diamond upgrade fitted my system sounds like I have always Dreamed it could sound absolutely stunning  

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